Michael Cera turns his well developed awkward adolescent character on its head in this wonderful adaptation of the novel by C.D. Payne.

Cera plays Nick Twisp, a teen that finds he must create an alter ego to woo a girl he’s fallen for. Given her love of all things Belmondo, Twisp uses Francois to be the devil-on-his-shoulder, allowing him to act as the bad boy he’s never been.

It all sounds like it could be trite and predictable, yet Cera plays both roles with such effortlessness and elegance that it’s hard not to fall for the story. This is a Cera breakout role, showing better than most films his genuine range as an actor. Commenting directly upon his stereotypical roles, we see the real power of his capabilities as an actor, as he seamlessly occupies both characters with great with and charm.

Excellent supporting performances from the likes of Jean Smart, Steve Buscemi, and even Ray Liotta make for an extremely enjoyable coming of age film with a Twispy twist.