Review: Wild Card (2015)

Jason Statham’s many action films have had an audience over the years, albeit rather small. However, one of his latest films, the 2015 movie Wild Card probably had the smallest.

When a film receives a $30 million investment, more often that not the moviemakers expect a return – this wasn’t the case with Wild Card. The film is undoubtedly the flop of 2015 so far with what can only be referred to as dismal Box Office ratings. During the weeks it was being shown in U.S. cinemas it took in a quite laughable $3,000. Yep, they would have to multiple that figure by 10,000 to even break even.

What makes it even more befuddling is that the production companies behind the film (Current Entertainment, Quad Films, SJ Pictures, Sierra/Affinity) collectively forecasted that they would recoup the $30 million in the first two weeks of its release.

So is Wild Card as terrible as its dire Box Office ratings suggest? It’s definitely not that bad but it undoubtedly will scare off the majority of critics among movie fans. Statham is typically wooden, and well, the surrounding cast don’t exactly surpass his often-criticized acting exploits.

It’s also quite hard to fathom where they spent the $30 million – yes, they seemingly rush through a slew of Vegas casinos throughout the movie but it’s not exactly overflowing with deaf defying, multimillion dollar stunts with large special effects budgets.

What’s more frustrating for the production companies is that there was once there was a market for this type of film. Once upon a time, films like James Bond movies and Westerns all featured casino-heavy content, and prospered. It’s even more weird that it’s stock has fallen that much when you consider online gaming is at an all time high. InterCasino was the first of its kind in August of 1996 bringing to the market 18 games you could play online according to Tech Addiction.

Fast-forward nearly 20 years and online poker, for instance, is now played by millions worldwide – so in theory there should be a market for films like Wild Card. Maybe people have become wise to Statham’s subpar acting? Or have they had their fill of mindless violence? Either way, the film flopped and production companies are going to think twice about investing huge amounts on film’s classed as potential gambles. In Wild Card, they went all-in and lost everything.

Here’s the official Wild Card trailer: