It’s been mere months since (first time) director Dustin Lance Black picked up a golden, naked-man statue for his script MILK. In that film, we had some extraordinary performances, a great sense of time and place with witty dialogue, complex characters and a strong sense of story.

What makes this film so very, very wrong is that it’s little more than a clunky, hacked together, abysmally written slogfest. To say it’s the worst film of most of the leads is being charitable – Jennifer Connolly is just manically bad in this. We’ve got a heap of trashy characters doing trashy things, not caring the slightest about them or their issues, their inability to for once recognize their problems or the situation they’re putting themselves and their children in. We’ve got hostage situations that feel like parodies of some cop drama, with Ed Harris embarrassing his fine career with a sordid, one-note take on the small town cop. There’s sex, guns, and violence, with a hackneyed structure, mumbling and incoherent dialogue and a preposterous ending that makes the whole thing far worse than it has any right to be.

Tedious, at time laughable, WWWV is an inadvertent farce, one to be avoided assiduously.