A quirky film about an accidental dominatrix, some QuebĂ©quois gangsters, and a fluffy little tale of robbery set in the mean streets of the Vancouver suburbs. Sobiesky plays a girl forced to leave her hockey playing boyfriend to crash in the swank pad of her former baby sitter. She soon discovers the nocturnal S&M-ployment of her former guardian, and decides to dip her fishnet stocking’d feet into the waters of professional submission and domination.

Literally bursting from a corset, painted up like a cheap whore, the protagonist meets her first John in the mall food court. Going back to his place, they soon encounter Rene and his hired goons. Things of course go from bad to worse, and the film settles in to a straight-ahead caper film, complete with punch-ups, subterfuge, and torture scenes.

It’s all of course a bit over the top, but the film does work quite well, and presents itself as a low key, charming offering. It’s hardly a revelation of cinematic import, but it’s at least entertaining, a breezy bit of fluff that’s superior to many other Canadian films that screen at TIFF.