Joe Dante is back, this time with another teen fright fest. Goonies fans, beware!

A big selling point of this film has been its 3D projection – let me state firmly that the 3D does nothing to add to this film, as it’s used as little more than a gimmick (look, I’m throwing a ball towards camera! Oooohhh…) This is SCTV 3D at best.

The film itself, 3D aside, is actually quite well done. The hole in question is a portal to one’s own fears, and as those fears are brought to life, we’re given the usual treatment of blaring sound effects, sudden reveals, and enough dramatic tension to keep it all interesting.

Yet it is the characterization of the kids (all of whom do an excellent job) that elevates the film. There’s very authentic presentation of sibling rivalry, and some great parent-to-kid conversations that seem miles away from the trite dialogue that used to suffice for such characterizations.