Last at TIFF for Midnight Madness fun “Black Sheep”, director Jonathan King has crafted a well made, post-Harry Potter teen flick with enough spooky mood and moments to keep even the most jaded genre fan happy.

Improbably, the fate of the world rests in the hands of a pair of adolescent, precocious teens in Wellington, New Zealand. Buried under the Volcanic hills that surround the city are creatures banished by aliens. Their impending escape must be stopped with the aid of firestarter Sam Neil.

As preposterous as this all sounds, it’s actually quite an effective narrative. The spooky neighbors across the pond literally ooze bile, and some fine effects work from Weta make for a slick looking flick.

A youth oriented film with genuine thrills and a sense of danger, King’s film thankfully refuses to neuter the suspense in order to make the film “kid friendly”.