This is John Carpenter’s much anticipated throwback to “old school” horror, trading buckets of blood and shakycam for spooky mood and loud, ear-piercing noises that help you jump out of your seat (and, presumably, into the arms of your fellow pubescent partner).

Amber Heard, last seen at TIFF in the truly awful ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE, actually comports herself quite well in this romp through ye olde haunted insane asylum trope. The rest of the ensemble does an equally adequate job, but it just feels so heavy handed and manipulative that I simply couldn’t suspend disbelief for long enough.

I admit it’s not my cup of tea by any means, and the execution seems fitting for the type of film, but instead of being a brave resuscitation of a thrown away genre, THE WARD feels instead to be a dull rehash.