THE TRIP’s route to success is simple – get two brilliant improvisers, throw them in a car together as they traipse through the Lake Distract and have them slowly, inevitably get on each other’s nerves. It’s WITHNAIL AND I with actors that could actually get work.

Winterbottom allows the two leads to simple be heightened versions of themselves, that kind of effortless verbal cutting and silly gamesmanship that characterizes any close friendship. Minor jealousies are prodded in typically British ways, the understatements and dry humour laid on as thick as molasses. The shining highlight of the film, where there’s a competitive impersonation-off, had me literally in tears I was laughing so hard.

Sure, it’s silly, but the mix of very witty people, lovely vistas and fabulous looking food makes for an absolutely joyous excursion. THE TRIP is an immensely fun ride, a dream ride along with two endlessly amusing people with an undercurrent of real dramatic tension. Fabulous!