Take a dash of porn acting, add some “After School Special” plotting and excruciating exposition, and coat with about 10 minutes of styilin’ old school gore and you have the mess that you’d expect from the latest Argento oeuvre.

The “story” is the third part of the “Mamma” trilogy (as Dario described it), this time set in Rome while the tear mom gets resurrected to wreck havoc. Young Sarah Mandy (Asia Argento) must get her stuff together to go kick black witch ass.

There’s quite a few booby shots, gratuitous lesbian scenes, and buckets of blood, but it’s bookmarked by scene after scene of Asia wandering around greater Rome looking for someone to add to her retinue of Yoda-like masters (each, of course, killed after she shows up). It gets tired quick, but Claudio Simonetti’s progalicious gothrock-meets-gothic choir goodness elevated even the more silly scenes.