Soderbergh has crafted a period piece of the weirdest kind, meshing early 90s fashion with a sublime throwback soundtrack by Marvin Hamlisch.

It’s surely no coincidence that the music echose the soundtrack for the “Sting”, a film where the plans of the con are meticulously presented, each obfuscation a careful build upon the one before. “The Informant!” is another con, but this one actually took place deep within the halls of a soulless multinational food conglomerate. Corporate espionage sexed up with heist music, this brilliant collision of styles makes for a head scratching joy of a film.

There’s a breathless quality to the proceedings, a sense of escalating ridiculousness that drives the movie along until it finally peaks at the end. A slightly more rounded Matt Damon is delightful, holding the entire film together with his restrained, exasperated performance. Scott Bakula’s FBI agent is a brilliant bit of casting, as he’s drawn further and further into the deceit.

There’s such a lightness, a freshness of this tale that it seems easy to dismiss. But it is in the very effortlessness of its telling that it seems to shine – a complex tale well told in a breezy style, intellectually engaging, and ridiculous through and through.