THE INCIDENT opens with three stoner buddies gathered together to craft some tunes to churn out a record. There’s bickering and gnashing of teeth, then they disband in order to prepare for work the next day.

Following this patently useless prologue, we see the same crew don their gear for another day at work – the secure cafeteria of an institution for the criminally insane. Shockingly, things go awry, their safety is put in jeopardy, and over what seemed to be an interminable amount of time, they’re picked off one by one.

This is Courtes’ debut film, so I’m not looking to be ornery just for the sake of pissing on the film. Unfortunately, it really is a mess, lacking any subtlety in favour of beating its audience over the head with as much abandon as the characters on screen.

There’s a few moments that save the film from being a complete dud, and at times the film actually earns its frights instead of simply relying on spooky lighting and klaxons noises to startle, but those moments are few and far between. The film would be a fail for me, save for the fact that the almost offensively ridiculous ending sequence manged to make one of the Midnight Madness patrons collapse. I’m not entirely sure why a silly prosthetic gag was what pushed that person over the ledge, but there’s got to be bonus marks for any MM film where you leave and an amubulence has been called to resuscitate an audience member.

Silly and pointless, THE INCIDENT joins a very long line of films of this ilk. It’s lacks anything particularly original, the tired elements it trots out executed far better in any number of other works.