What more could you want? Giant Alien-like mutant tadpole running through the streets of Seoul causing havoc, mowing down pedestrians, vomiting bones and escaping Tarzan-style under the nearest bridge? It should add up to MM gold!

Unfortunately, the film is bogged down with SARS metaphors, pointless exposition, and an annoying main character. Sure, the quirky “family fights vagina-mouthed, mutant legged frog baby” storyline has a lot of great scare moments. The CGI (excepting some flame elements) is top notch for a lower budget flick, and there are enough great sequences to keep it from being a total waste. Still, I found there was more downtime than genuine thrills, and a great deal of pointless exposition (talk about protein deficiency during childhood, for example, was one of the weirder tangents).

When the film settles down to a traditional hunter and huntee dynamic, the big scary monster chasing the little girl, it all becomes too generic, and goes on for far too long. I was disappointed what started out as a very promising genre pic became weighted down by its own pretensions. Cut 30 minutes from the running time and I think it would have been a far better MM flick.