It’s not like I’ve never seen an Errol Morris film before, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a great many of his works over the years, including many at TIFF. And yet, each and everytime, his films suck me in ’till they get to that point when, BAM, you’ve been comfortably watching one movie, and then 180 degrees later, you realize the character you’ve been learning about also does THIS crazy-as-hell thing which in and of itself is just as amazingly compellingly insane as the first thing you were watching.

So, yeah, it’s not the first time, so I should be expecting it. But in TABLOID, when we follow the mormon kidnapping woman and her travails with the British legal system, we’re comfortably amazed and enthralled enough to forget that sneaking in is another BAM, another thing to make us thing “HOW THE HELL DOES HE FIND THESE PEOPLE?!”

Put simply, TABLOID is another Errol Morris picture. If you need a better reason to see it than that, then there’s no helping you.