SUPERCLÀSICO is one of those real gems you get to experience at an international film festival – breezy, clever, beautifully crafted and performed, it’s a gem of a film that treats its audience with respect while being nothing short of enjoyable.

The fact that it’s (co)written be the writer of one of my least favourite films for this TIFF (A FUNNY MAN) is an added treat – almost everything I thought that film did wrong, this one does right. Well paced, well told, accessible without being completely predictable, it’s a comedy with enough bite to keep it compelling but enough warmth for you to fall for the characters completely.

This is a Danish film set in the hot and humid streets of Buenos Aires, where our hapless central character Christian (Anders W. Berthelsen) has flown over with his son unannounced to woo back his estranged wife Anna (Paprika Steen). The fact that Anna is about to marry one of her clients, a football superstar, hasn’t seem to stifle the ambitions of the nebbishy wine seller. As everyone’s life is changed by the passions and proclivities of a latin culture very different from their Scandinavian roots, we’re drawn into a tale of love, wine, good food, silly football matches and touchstones of life in South America.

The ensemble play their roles to perfection, particularly the stunning casting choices of the Latin Americans in the story. Sebastián Estevanez is perfect as the mix of douchey, half naked  footy player, and seldom has their been a sexier or funnier servant on film than Adriana Mascialino’s Fernanda.

SUPERCLÀSICO is like a great glass of wine in the South American sun – fresh, fruity, warm and delicious, it’s a delightful little character piece that impeccably unfolds with a confidence and charm that’s near impossible to avoid falling in love with. This is the quality of Danish film that I’ve come to expect from that remarkable, cinematic land, an absolute highlight of this year’s TIFF.