In this tremendous, joyous look at the Teen Eurovision contest, we follow a number of young individuals as they represent their countries in the music competition. American Idol this ain’t, as each child feels the weight of their country on their shoulders. Some rise to the occasion, others falter, and the usual foibles ensue. I worried, needlessly, that the film would be too earnest. Instead, the director has chosen just the right level of objectivity, never putting down the competition, but showing its ridiculous excesses in an unblinking way. From the opening chords of the Who track used over a montage, this is indeed a “teenage wasteland”, having far less to do with music than the pageant of young, fresh faces trotted out for the masses to enjoy. You end up rooting for them all by the end, and this stylish, extremely well made doc is a giant, bubblegum burst of fun.

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