Like Millions from a couple years back, Son of Rambow is a cute, precocious film about a couple kids that want to remake First Blood with their clunky VHS camera. This is surrounding a tale of the class bully becoming friends with one of his victims, stories of childhood neglect, all wrapped up in a feel-good story arc that pays off for the viewers in the end. It’s hardly new, but it’s a tale told in a cheeky and fun way, elevating itself from being utterly banal and proving to be quite enjoyable.

The performances from the kids are top notch, echoing a film like Rushmore’s younger characters with a great sense of verisimilitude for the plight of the pre-adolescent. The over-the-top French exchange student Didier is a particular delight, but the core pair of Will and Carter truly shine.

There aren’t a lot of surprises thrown at you, as the film takes the route you figure it will, but there’s a certain satisfaction to be felt in a film getting it all right. After the mixed reaction to Jennings’ take on Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, this film is free to carve its own niche without undue audience expectations, and with this freedom and confidence the flick is allowed to succeed quite well.