First of all, the title SNABBA CASH is just snappy and fun, pedestrian Swedish words made more quirky as heard by English ears. EASY MONEY, the official translation, does provide the requisite irony – nothing’s easy about getting cash in this world, particularly when you’re engaged in the often deadly game of pimping dope.

This is a neo-noir piece, with dry dialogue and heightened situations taking place in the Stockholm underworld. There’s no hesitation to complicate matters, as we’ve got Taxi drivers running coke, country boys masquerading as preppies leaving a life of leisure, and Yugoslav hitmen out to kill Latin prison escapees. There’s a great collision of stories and backgrounds, blowing off the lid of any stereotype of Stockholm as some homogeneous Scandinavian capital.

It does get a bit tiresome by the end, with things falling apart just as expected, but it’s a interesting piece and well worth a look at this new take on the gangster pic.