Sitting in the Paramount theatre as a 70 foot penis fades up on the screen. A man urinates in a bathtub, and a few scenes later he bends over to suck his own cock.

That said, this is one of the sweetest, most genuine films of this (or any year’s) fest. The performances are rock solid (hah!), the quirky re-imagining of New York city inviting, and there’s a sense of warmth and compassion through the whole film that’s simply remarkable. As more and more fest films blur the line between porno and “mainstream” cinema, this is one flick that gets it right.

The sex scenes are entirely character driven, critical to the story, and do not pander to the audience by doing the traditional play of “love making” that we’ve been accustomed too. Incredibly sexy without being titillating, this is a very well crafted flick that deserves a bigger audience than it will inevitably receive.