Oooh! Black and white CGI about a near-future Paris! While we’ve seen this schtick before (not that Blade Runner can’t be referenced, but cummon!), this rotoscoped flick does present the comic book world with a delightful starkness.

I would rather have had Rodriguez shoot Sin City like this – abandoning greys, this is literally a black OR white film with no gradient in between. The inky blacks and bright whites make for a really interesting, printed look that’s unique for my viewing, and that elevates this from being another boring cyberdrama.

Bonus marks for abandoning the cliche about building up in the future, as instead our vision of Paris (Louvre, Eifel Tower) is the topmost level, and all the crap stuff is dug downward. It’s a little thing, but something that elevates this (sorry for the pun) from other futurist tales.