It’s best described as a Maoist gay porn flick. Still interested?

Impossible to grade by any common standard, RASPBERRY REICH just didn’t do it for me. It’s not sly enough to amuse, not sexy enough to be erotic, nor inquisitive enough to live up to its ambitions towards erudition. I have to hand it to Bruce, the bad boy of Toronto’s cinema community – it’s got some unique and memorable moments (a 10-minute fucking-in-an-elevator scene while screaming out Maoist slogans for one), but it all feels a bit petulant, like it’s trying hard to shock on the one hand, and ignoring the audience’s expectations for narrative coherence a moment later. It’s fun that it was included at a MM screening, the crowd enjoyed it for the most part, but for me in the end it felt like an overreach.

It didn’t suck, it didn’t blow, but it didn’t rise to occasion for me. Thus, I feel REICH deserves the score below – neither pass or fail, but rather a reasonably sized (yet not entirely erect) phallus.