An exemplary documentary, frantic and kinetic, showing the cars, bombs and tits of “Ozploitation” cinema. Tracing the history of Australian Drive-in Classics, we see clips from a number of films, many of which I’d never heard of (let alone seen). This is an excellent primer of this period of cinematic history, and the participants tell humorous, compelling tales in the well crafted interviews.

The editing is almost exhausting, as each clip is rammed together, making the pace even faster than many of the films presented. Quentin Tarantino shows up, and, weirdly, he seems downright sedate compared to the crazy pace of the rest of the flick. Still, the doc never loses sight of its goals, and the frenetic pace is the perfect medium for this tale. Truly a memorable ride, and a sublime midnight delight, a greatest hits that, synergistically, supersedes its many clips and creates a whole greater than its parts.