The film starts as yet another English period piece set in a boarding school. Precocious children are playing, but when a ball rolls over the fence, they are prevented from recovering it. Outside the walls of the school, they are told, is a place full of danger they are not able to tread. When a young teacher comes to the school, she brings forth ideas that ripen within the minds of the students, yet there is danger to what she is saying, masking a great secret about the nature of this school and its role in their young lives.

NEVER LET ME GO is one of those sci-fi, “speculative” works that takes common environments or histories and adds its own twist. While said twist in this work is hardly a shock when revealed, the film does rely quite heavily on it to generate any form of interest.

The young ensemble does a nice job of dealing with the challenges of their unique coming of age, and the mood is as misty as much of the shots of the British countryside. Unfortunately, the story is just too preposterous, relying on too many unquestioned assumptions that it doesn’t hold together. An ideas film that doesn’t quite hit the mark, NEVER LET ME GO is a decent, flawed piece from Romanek.