Essentially a memoir about a man and his dog, this animated film is a quirky, charming feat. Narrated with gusto by Christopher Plummer, this is no hagiography of a fine specimen – tulip is a unwieldy bitch, and to the great consternation of her hapless owner, she gets into all sorts of trouble.

The sketch style of animation provides a great immediacy to the drawings, often small vingettes unfold atop yellow lined paper. This handcrafted look compliments greatly the first person narration, as if we’re seeing the sketches that accompany the diary-like prose, glimpsing doodles in the margins of the text.

This is at its heart a love story between a man and his dog, and the adventures that unfold are a mix of sweet, ridiculous and absurd. A charming little piece, a pleasurable distraction from more heady films.