Another joyful, whimsical tale from Jeunet. This one centers around a group of misfit street performers who set off to pit one arms dealer against another.

Part caper, part circus performance, each frame seems to be a throwback to a different time of storytelling. Like Gilliam’s addition to this year’s fest, Jeunet’s Micmacs is hard to fault as it’s just so much fun.

However, where his last worksVery Long Engagement and Amelie had the wide-eyed Audrey Tautou to hold it together, the cast simply don’t have the same magnetic charm this time round.

Still, this is nit picking, Micmacs, if light and silly, is still a wonderful thing to behold, as clever and beautifully constructed as the wonderful automata that populate the tinker’s workroom in the film.

Bravo encore, Monsieur Jeunet.