I must admit I’m getting pretty tired of the intro conflict/flashback to show the setup/conclusion through flashfoward structure that many films and TV shows are making use of (seeing this right after Lust, Caution didn’t help either). Clooney, excellent as always, plays a “fixer” for a high powered law firm, someone who cleans up the messes. As his police officer brother points out, “the cops think you’re a lawyer, and the lawyer thinks your a cop”.

The story is a complicated one involving class action litigation, bankrupt restaurants, gambling addictions and murder plots. It takes a while to find its feet, but the ending is earned, and the tendency to fly into melodrama is mostly kept in check by fine performances. I don’t think it favourably compares to his more recent outings, including even the popcorn fun of the Oceans series, but it’s a story rich in ideas that doesn’t blow valuable time proselytizing its message.