Another of the clip show docs, brought by the team behind the previous MM flick NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD about the exploitation cinema of Australia.

This time we’re introduced to the films from the Philippines, a mix of boobs, bombs and blood that saw independent American exhibitors looking to the Islands for cheap labour and more forgiving labour laws in order to churn out drive-in fare. We’re introduced to the earliest of the monster and b-horror flicks, all the way up to the likes of APOCALYPSE NOW, describing the filmmaking times during the Marcos regime.

While similar ground was tread in the previous doc, there’s still enough silliness here to keep a MM-style audience entertained for the running time (this played at TIFF during the documentary section). Perhaps the most shocking moment, however, was when John Landis (who, of course, is known for several fatalities on his sets) without irony discusses the irresponsible filmmakers in the jungle doing crazy stunts for the American audience. The film’s missing a truly engaging talking head interviewee (Quentin Tarantino was all over the last one), but it remains well worth a viewing, allowing you a survey of some fantastic dreck that came out during this time period.