There’s not a heck of a lot worth saying about LOVELY MOLLY, save that it certainly didn’t live up to the title. Helmed by Eduardo S├ínchez, one half of the duo that brought the BLAIR WITCH onslaught to the masses, this film owes more to the much derided sequel.

Promising to “reinvent” the found footage work, instead we get something that feels, well, amateur. There’s every awful horror movie element in here – creaking floors, doors that slam, and blasts of shocking noise to shake the audience from their slumber. Oh, and their are hoofbeats, the sounds of galloping through the house.

Yeah, don’t even ask.

Even the actors don’t seem to know what the hell they’re doing, wandering around listlessly waiting for the next scary thing to occur (instead of, I don’t know, getting the FUCK out of the damn house!!!). It’s a stupid film that treats its audience appallingly, lacking either grace or wit to transcend something that’s not even kitchy enough to be ironic or amusing.

There’s nothing to be gained from seeing this film, other than to see how the success of one grainy horror flick can continue to fuel the hopes of producers for another hit. This, I’m afraid, won’t even please those who would normally crave a film of this type. At best it’s an infuriating film, at worst it’s boring, to the point of making one come close to resenting the filmmakers for treating their audience with so little respect.