In this sharp, well drawn drama, a married couple find themselves each confronted with private temptations.

Keira Knightley gives one of her most nuanced performances, showing extraordinary range without ever coming across as showy. Sam Worthington proves to be more than mere action boy, not quite delivering at every moment, but nonetheless conveying his situation with a subtlety I’ve not seen from him before. Guillaume Canet is as dreamy as you’d want a Frenchman to be, but Eva Mendes is downright smouldering, balancing between being a temptress and a woman sure of her ethical boundaries.

With stylized editing that works very well, jump cutting from location to location, and more jolting cuts of time, this is a well crafted, enjoyable ensemble piece with a captivating conclusion.

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#tiff10 LAST NIGHT (not McKeller one!) not TRI- but Love QUADrangle. Keira excellent, the boys very good, and Eva Mendes so damn gorgeous