A feel good, quirky-as-hell, high-concept comedy offering at this year’s fest, one that’s sure to please a wide audience. The conceit is simple while unique – a compulsively shy man, Lars, presents his mail order sex doll (the ironically dubbed titular “real” girl) as his girlfriend to his brother, sister-in-law, and small community of friends and co-workers.

This is no Weekend at Bernies or fetish tale, but instead a mechanism to bring Lars out of his shell, finding love and communication with an inanimate companion where he has failed with all the other people in his life.

Gosling’s quiet performance keeps the film at a slow simmer, suiting the mood of the film nicely. There’s never a grab for a cheap laugh or an obvious ploy – the film treats the situation as genuine as Lars treats his bride, with the humour and warmth earned from the dynamics of the characters and their reactions to Lars.