Michael Douglas tries his hand at the Robin Williams-as-crazy man motif, this is your typical tale of a dad, his daughter, and the quest for lost gold in modern day suburban California.

Arriving home after years of being institutionalized, Charlie must reconnect with his daughter who has been essentially orphaned by his absence. While Miranda (Evan Rachel Wood) has to deal with her father’s continued quirkiness, she gets caught up in his search for lost treasure, while losing her job, her car, and often her wits.

Unfortunately, despite the madcap caper, a dash of mythology and comic sidekicks, it just all feels like everyone’s trying too damn hard to be clever. This king lacks all the style and panache of the Fisher variety, and it falls apart into a maudlin mess of slaptick silliness. Good performers are wasted, and in the end this is nothing but forgettable crap.