Riding the success of her Oscar turn with Juno and the recent bloodlust for all things vampiric, writer Diablo Cody turned her eye towards the 80s horror genre. Megan Fox is Jennifer, the curvy, bitchy pretty thing at her high school, with her best friend Amanda Seifreid. Things go awry when an out of town band fails at being sufficiently diabolic to make it as Emo/alternative rock darlings.

There’s cheekiness to the whole thing which is fun, and the participants dive into their roles with relish. Fox in particular is having fun with the stereotype that’s been gleaned from her motorcycle humping, Michael Bay produced image, and despite grand attempts, Seifreid just can’t help shining despite any frumpy attire they attempt to clothe her with.

There are moments where everything clicks, from a great opening sequence (precipitating the bulk of the film to be flashback), to some of the great discursive interactions that made Juno click. However, after a while, the heightened dialogue just gets to be in the way (“it’s a box cutter… for cutting boxes!” is one of the more silly), as if the film’s trying to be far cooler than it really is.

Still, as a “grrl power” shockfest, it’s a nice change, and if you can get past the distracting diction it’s a pretty fun ride, and a decent way to start off this year’s Midnight Madness.