James Wan, last here for the 2004 Midnight Madness with the first of his SAW films, returns with what amounts to a classic haunted house film. When two young parents moves into their new house, their son gets into an accident and slips into a coma. The parents then feel they have to protect him from evil spirits that seem to be dragging him further and further from their reality.

There have been been plenty of POLTERGEIST-type films over the years, but kudos to INSIDIOUS for doing something I think few have ever done – having the family move from the house!

Relying entirely on mood and spooky makeup (rather than buckets of blood and shock noises), INSIDIOUS is a fine addition to the genre, very well crafted and executed. It will be a challenge for a film of this nature to cut through the torture-porn offering that SAW has wrought, but Wan shows himself to be a strong, capable filmmaker, more than a one note shock guy. Frankly, I’d love to see him tackle something far outside this horror comfort zone, as his skills clearly outweigh the visceral genre ghetto that’s so far brought him both success and notoriety.