A short 16 minute film that played before Chopper, In God We Trust takes as its basis a simple conceit – while we are here on Earth, our actions are given a score – positive things create positive marks, while negative or evil things subtract from your total.

Within seconds of the film’s start, a man is hit by a yellow car. He is sentenced, due to a number of bad things he’s done, to take the elevator down to hell. He manages to escape from the accounting office/purgatory/heavenly vestibule and go back to Earth. Unwittingly, his low score begins to rise as he spends his last moments saying goodbye.

Well acted and paced, this is an excellent example of a short film – a story and idea that can much more effectively be told in 16 minutes rather than protracting the idea to stretch to ‘feature length’. A fine combination of wit and sickness – always a good sign.