John Sayles sets his latest film in a sticky, sunburnt Alabama of 1950. “Pine Top” Purvis (Danny Glover) runs a dilapidate juke joint called the Honeydripper, eeking by with performances by authentic Blues artists. As the neighboring bar uses its recorded songs to drive traffic through its doors and away from the HD, Purvis presents an idea to do one last bash with a celebrated New Orleans rocker in order to save the day.

There are some fine musical performances throughout (a finger-synching piano role for Glover notwithstanding), with the likes of Keb’ Mo’ giving the soundtrack an authenticity. Unfortunately, it all feels a bit trite, the “2 weeks to retirement” Glover simply not being able to be taken seriously in this role. The supporting cast do their part, but it all seems too predictable to make any serious dent. From a filmmaker known for his hard biting films, this fluffy film with its schoolbook look at the South is a wasted opportunity.