GRIFF joins what seems to be a long line of real-guy-as-super-hero movies, this one having the added cachet of being from exotic Australia. The ingredients are here for a fun film, with our hero falling for a woman who facilitates his heroic deeds by helping create the tools of his arsenal, including a celestial, near magical cape that gives Griff his key power. Treading on awkward social situations and slapstick elements, it all should hold together as a light, fluffy film.

Instead, there’s such a heavy handed nature to the proceedings that it all becomes quite a chore to stomach. In the end what should be lighthearted seems to be more like taunting the mentally ill, with the delusions of the two main characters moving farther and farther from ones the audience can accept.

I applaud the film’s attempt at turning this small genre on its head, but its forced humour and preposterous conclusion left a bad taste.