I get the sense that if this film really clicks with you, it is something that you’d really love and hold dear. I, on the other hand, just couldn’t get into the film.

The Goddess refers to a particular model of Citroen, leading a Japanese man into the wilds of Australia.

I was reminded of the fish-out-of-water elements from Jarmusch’s Mystery Train, but the film as a whole simply didn’t manage to captivate.

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  1. DId you watch the entire thing? I thought the ending was really beautiful (with all of the candles in the caves). During the movie, I kept losing interest (especially during the fake car interior shots — with the background projected onto a screen — or when the sexual abuse scenes seemed to be never-ending … ugh), but I’m glad I stuck it out until the very end. The Japanese man learned that there are things more important in life than silly possessions and Rose Byrne’s character learned that vengeance is an unhealthy and ultimately miserable path. By the very end, I was rooting for the couple to stay together, so that must say something …

    I know what you mean about not being able to get into it. If Rose hadn’t been in the movie, I might have stopped watching midway through. That fabulous dance scene in the bar, though, was something I’ll always remember.

  2. OMG. I just realized that the above post was made ten years ago. Whoops. I was brought here by a Twitter link and I didn’t look at the date until now. Nevermind …

    1. Heh, no worries… It’s actually newly up on this version of the site, I tweeted it today as I begin to populate all my old reviews. I was surprised by the negative review (plus, it’s not one of my more, uh, “verbose” writings, alas). I remembered liking it more than I obviously did at the time.

      Your comment has made me want to revisit the film, certainly once a decade isn’t too much to ask! 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. ps. Sad, but true. I never review a film that I haven’t seen to the end, and only under great duress will I ever leave a screening, no matter how abysmal.

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