God bless Mr. Guest and team, even in films that don’t live up to their potential (such as this one) they remain a load of good, clean fun. This time the troupe gather to tell the tale of “Coming Home for Purim”, a flick that inadvertently becomes the subject of Oscar buzz.

If the film has a failure, it’s that screenwriters Levy and Guest don’t go far enough in illustrating the ridiculous nature of Hollywood during award hype season. While they do pull a few punches (to the detriment of the story), there are enough laughs and great performances to rescue the film from the dustbin. Particular mention must once again be made to Fred Willard, with his Beckham-line mohawk and his hosting duties on an “Access Hollywood”-type show. Catherine O’Hara’s rubber-faced performance is also show-stopping, with her post-surgery, wide-eyed looks the highlight of the film. It’s a shame that it lacks the cohesion of the last three flicks (despite the fact that this film pretty much eschews the documentary form), but FYC is still a great deal of fun.