Donnie Yen’s latest film incorporates his newest fighting fetish, the so-called “Ultimate” style. A combination of boxing, kickboxing, Asian martial arts and street-level shit-kickings, this makes for some tremendous fighting moments. Choreographed by Yen himself, the fight scenes are brutal, kinetic and compelling, upping the ante from his previous films and creating some genuine remarkable sequences.

What elevates the film from just being a boxing mashup is that Yip has coaxed some fine performances from his actors, and presented a plot that is far more elegant than the usual crap that falls under this genre. Sure, it’s another fucked-up cop movie, but the hyperbole is put on hold, and there are genuine emotions running through the tale.

This is action porn where you don’t need to fast forward to the money shots, a well constructed movie with some tremendous action sequences and powerful performances.