Dante Lam closes this year’s Midnight Madness slate with a slick cop drama that owes much to the gloss and energy of Michael Mann’s HEAT.

The convoluted plot involves a cop trying to battle the forces that are working to stain the name of his partner, and as he pieces the clues to solve a murder he recognizes the corruption runs deeper than he could ever imagine. In other words, FoC treads on very familiar ground, grinding away in a typical cop thriller with a competent if immediately forgettable aplomb.

When the fireworks are on screen it’s quite effective, with crazy angles and loud explosions, but the pace is just a bit too reserved for a MM audience, let alone bringing the bombast that other closers have brought in the past. I think the film would work far better as a standalone vehicle, as a finale it’s a bit of a let down, but on its own might find an audience more in tune with its charms.