Well, gotta hand it to him – Manouel is a hundred years young, and still managing to make films. Does that alone make for a good festival experience?

Alas, no.

The idea was to actually see a remarkable pair of films, this latest work, and his first from from the silent era, shot some 80 (!) years ago. It would have been remarkable to have seen any form of narrative similarity, some theme that throughout these decades ties the art together to the mind and spirit of one auteur. After this newer work ended, the lights raised, the curtain closed. It seems the festival was not able to get a copy of the older film in time.

As for this contemporary work, we get an almost amateur, terribly trashy “fable” about a man lusting for a nymphet that lives across the street from the store where he works. It’s all a bit too silly to describe, but suffice it to say, I’ve rarely had an hour long film feel like a 3 hour epic.

For those of us mere mortals, this film occupies an hour of a short life that you’ll simply never get back.