I’m getting sleepy. It’s not even halfway there yet.


This morning started really well – woke up with 3 hours sleep to go meet the cast of Best in Show. I’m a humungous Spinal Tap fan, and managed to dig up my Tap concert shirt from the early 90s when they played north of T.O.


It was a fun conference, with a lot of kibitzing by the cast. The dais was overflowing with the ensemble, and while some got to speak more than others, everyone had a shot. It was obvious that they really enjoyed working on this kind of project together.


Other star sitings included Gwenyth herself, in with her father Bruce Paltrow for Duets, the karaoke Hollywood pic that’s supposed to be pretty poopy. Her exit was abrupt, guarded by one of those burly guys I’m convinced they clone for just such a purpose. More surprising to me was AndrĂ© Braugher, an actor who I respect tremendously. He was in full Pembleton mode, brushing off with the back of his hand the photographers lining the exit.

There’s a fine line, to butcher a phrase, between maintaining privacy and demonstrating hostility.

The contrast of this behaviour compared to the Best in Show exit was great – Christopher Guest and Michael McKean just hung around in the foyer for a bit, talking to the press informally. This contrast reflects the way that any festival, especially a major one like Toronto, works. The bigger the supposed star power that’s attracted to the fest, the more likely it is that someone supposedly lower down the tier (but usually far more interesting to meet and talk to) will be more accessible.