A mashup of jaunty J-pop and Death Metal drivel, what’s not to love? Based on the celebrated Manga, this is a pitch perfect film that certainly doesn’t take itself too seriously. The music is well made and produced, the situations a mix of hilarious and charming, and the performances almost uniformly excellent.

It’s the tale of a small town boy, with a love of 70s pre-disco pop, who comes to the big city to go to school. Negishi Soichi’s passion is to make music, and he hooks up with other like minded people interested in making “trendy”, palatable music.

While his musical heart is tied to bubblegum pop, he finds himself a member of Detroit Metal City, the local Death Metal sensation. Complete with Satanic lyrics and a “10 Rape” yodel, this alternate, offensive personality masks the insecurities within. Torn between his responsibilities to be the prince of darkness for his fans and his desire to bring warmth and happiness to the world, he finds himself at a personal crossroads regarding fame, life and love.

When the battle of bands sub-plot inevitably arrives (he must battle, naturally, Gene Simmons) the whole thing cascades towards a less-than-surprising ending. Still, plot contrivances aside, this film has the trappings of discordant hard rock with the heart of romantic comedy drivel, the very same ambivalence that tears at Soichi. Excellent, fluffy fun with a fist pumping metal soundtrack, Detroit Metal City will, to paraphrase one notable line of dialogue, make you wet with excitement.