A strange, dark film about integration, racism, and the underlying current of small town evil (a theme, apparently, for this year’s fest).

Things go awry after an accident causes the town folk to go on a rampage. Hicks assaulting a farmhouse lead to obvious comparisons to Straw Dogs, yet the film both lacks the visceral scope of Peckinpah, and has a slightly brighter view of humanity than the other film.

If anything, the film holds back on truly exploring the horror of the moment, and things, while escalating to a certain level of brutal, never really plunge to the depths that they appear to be heading towards.

Bonus marks for having the lead singer of Aqua find her acting voice – in general, the performances seems good, if a bit forced at times. In fact, this could be said about the whole film – on first blush is appears to be a great success, but upon reflection it fails to live up to its potential. Certainly worth a view, but not the breakout Danish film that I’ve come to expect year after year at TIFF.