In this genre bending tale, Kat Denning plays a highschool girl that has moved in from out of town, only to find a school full of stoner rejects. Deciding to reinvent herself (basing her new persona on what she claims to be her idol, Monica Lewinsky) she seduces her hunk of an English teacher. To keep up appearances, she also seduces a classmate, only to find herself torn between the lie she must keep.

Oh, and did I mention there’s serial killer? Or that there’s the most ineffective curfew ever shown on film? Or did I neglect mentioning the ubiquitous tire fire burning 24/7 just outside of town?

The film is told in a scattershot style, jumping back and forth in time, and from plot to plot. Denning’s charm and beauty does much to keep things interesting, but there’s a great deal of inconsistency with the narrative. There are abrupt changes in tone that seem more clumsy than deliberate, the pieces of the film settling uncomfortably beside one another. Entire subplots are dropped, the writing of her characterization almost as manic as her character, unsure and unsteady as to how much we can go away from loving our protagonist before the audience loses faith.

This isn’t a terrible film by any means, it’s just one that’s not ripe for scrutiny. Look closer and everything just falls apart (especially the ending, truly cloying if you really spend mental energy on the ramifications of everyone’s behaviour). Enjoy it for its quirky ride, and ignore those major loopholes swept under the rug.