Yup, another Vampire flick. But this one is different – it’s smart, witty, gory, supremely well shot and produced. It has an epic feel, has noir overtones, and some fabulous performances by the likes of Willem Dafoe, Sam Neil and Ethan Hawke.

It’s a world where humans are farmed for blood, but the source is running out. Fearing economic collapse due to a lack of supply, the corporation is working on a substitute, while hunting humans to maintain supply.

This is a post-apocalyptic film along the lines of “Children of Men”, with the rest of the genre conventions attached to speak to a bigger question of environmental degradation and corporate duplicity. Add in a dose of “Blade Runner and “Mad Max” and you’ve got the recipe for a literate, action filled fright night.

It’s at times heady stuff for Midnight Madness, to be sure, but the film never lacks in moments of great, blood spattered impact. Plus, it’s not afraid to wrap this futuristic tale with old-school tropes such as no mirror reflections, shooting silver bullets or death-by-sunlight, all while finding a new way of exploring them narratively.

This is a thinking person’s horror flick, and ain’t no angsty Goth teen’s guilty pleasure. It deserves a wide audience, and is miles better than many other works of late that also sew the fields of the Vampire genre.