My lord, it’s fest time again

I couldn’t help but spend some time today thinking that, if I could swing it, I’d spend all my days like I did today. I woke up at about 10am, got on a subway, and watched a movie. Then I watched another… and another… and another…. well, you get the idea.

In between, I got to catch up with some people, had a good noodle lunch, enjoyed the sunny day between screenings, walked around downtown Toronto, and generally had a great day.

This year, unlike previous years, is one of complete freedom – I have nobody to account to, save you, the reader. Fil and Carm, the bosses at CGX, do have some say, but this baby’s mine for the fest. After having to succumb to the schizo reactions of New York editors, with their general lack of support, is a great feeling to know that I’m able to do what I wish to do.

So, over this week, I plan on seeing around 60 films – that’s the goal, at any rate. Some reviews will be smaller, some longer. All spelling and grammar mistakes are my own – the sad result of quick reporting on little sleep. Some reviews will be revisited after some reflection, others will be added to after subsequent screenings. At the least, please allow this daily account and reviews to give you my sense of this 25th Toronto International Film Festival.