I am going to get exhausted really, really quickly.

Uptown Cinema

It’s hovering somewhere around 3:15am, and I’m just getting back from 6 films. The day started at 7:30am, and hasn’t quit since then. In the end a lot of time is just spent sitting, but it still can take its toll. I’d like to see the average marathon runner compete against me in this particular form of endurance. It’s all mental in the end, in whatever way you want to take that.

This is going to sound remarkably like kissing ass, but I yet again am completely amazed by how uniformly cool, patient and understanding the staff of this fest are. Many key members are back from years past, and I’ve always been treated well by the organizers, even when some participants got a little pissy. The volunteers, and particularly the veteran volunteer coordinators, are really top notch, and its nice to see them back. I can see how the groups that go from fest to fest, from Telluride to Venice to Montreal to Toronto to New York, can develop quite strong friendships.

Tonight was the CityTV party, and, despite the fact that I -tried- to get Terry David Mulligan to get me a ticket, I was once again not invited to the big ta-doo. I hear it’s usually not that great anyway. Today I managed to see 6 films, despite the fact that my early morning rising did not guarantee me arriving on time for the 8:30am screening of David Mammet’s new flick. Not used to subways during morning rush hour, to be completely frank. I usually awake at noon.

In short, I’m braving the wilds, experimenting with my choices, and leaving the blockbusters for later.

Midnight Madness kicked off tonight, and it was great to see Colin Geddes, the groovy programmer, and the freaks and denizens of the night that I’ve shared many a screening with. From miscued s+m intros to Tsui Harks harkenings from a small glowing tv set (at least he sent a tape…), it was all business as usual.

Man I love this festival sometimes.