And thus the rehabilitation of Eliot Spitzer as a public figure begins anew, with this well made and engaging documentary about the events surrounding the removal of the Governor of New York from office.

Spitzer’s participation in the documentary sets it apart from any type of slash-and-burn piece, but what’s remarkable here is that his political enemies are also given equal time. There’s a motley cast of New York power players, eloquent hookers and other contributors to what amounts to a classical tale of hubris, lust and stupidity. The former Governor himself is forthright, never shying away from the magnitude of his failures. He never shirks the blame, but also doens’t cower from discussing those that did wish him harm and to see him removed from office.

This is a slick, polished production with a terrific soundtrack, and while its revelations are hardly earth shattering, it’s still an excellent overview of the sordid mess, one that continues to resonate. While the film does certainly provide said rehab to his image (reminding us that he’s more than merely Client 9), there’s enough teeth in the tale to keep it slipping into some extended campaign ad the way I feared it would.

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