A Town Called Panic (Panique au village)

A crazy jumble of joy, Panic uses dollar store plastic toys, poorly stop motion animated, to tell a tale of, well, uh, stuff. The plot is a bit of a headscratcher, but we’ve got Horse, Cowboy, and Indian coming to save they day after the walls of their unbuilt house are being stollen by frogmen […]

Mr. Nobody

This film came out of nowhere for me and completely floored me. I was expecting just another sci-fi, time bending narrative, and instead was simply entranced by this engaging, original, provocative, downright stunning film from Van Dormael. It is a film with an unrelenting structure, bending time and our perception of it in delightful ways. […]


Described as Hairspray meets Swing Kids, Todorovksy has crafted an epic musical about Soviet era dissidents, kids that would flaunt conservatism to dress like crazy cats and dance to the pop music of their day. Superficially, this is a kids-against-the-system tale, but underlying it is a fairly sophisticated political message. Much more akin to Moulin […]

My Dog Tulip

Essentially a memoir about a man and his dog, this animated film is a quirky, charming feat. Narrated with gusto by Christopher Plummer, this is no hagiography of a fine specimen – tulip is a unwieldy bitch, and to the great consternation of her hapless owner, she gets into all sorts of trouble. The sketch […]

Reel Injun

Reel Injun does a decent job of contextualising the role of the “Injun”, or stereotypical Aboriginal North American, through the last century of cinema. Drawing interviews from the likes of Clint Eastwood, Adam Beech, and Sacheen Littlefeather (who talks, finally, about her Oscar moment), Diamond takes us on a road trip through America, seeking the […]