Deliver Us from Evil (Fri os fra det onde)

A strange, dark film about integration, racism, and the underlying current of small town evil (a theme, apparently, for this year’s fest). Things go awry after an accident causes the town folk to go on a rampage. Hicks assaulting a farmhouse lead to obvious comparisons to Straw Dogs, yet the film both lacks the visceral […]


Bruce Sweeney has crafted a cloying, repulsive film about premature ejaculation, smothering mothers, and golf in Vancouver. Canadian crap, an absolute embarrassment to our country’s cinema. Awful, terrible performances, sloppy direction, and yet another example of just how terrible a film of this ilk can be.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Well, you certainly can’t fault Nicholas Cage for not going full out in this role. Thankfully spared any connection to the former, abysmal Bad Lieutenant, Herzog traces the downfall of a good cop in antediluvian New Orleans. In the first moments of the film, we see Cage jump over a ledge into murky water. Causing […]

Micmacs (Micmacs à tire-larigot)

Another joyful, whimsical tale from Jeunet. This one centers around a group of misfit street performers who set off to pit one arms dealer against another. Part caper, part circus performance, each frame seems to be a throwback to a different time of storytelling. Like Gilliam’s addition to this year’s fest, Jeunet’s Micmacs is hard […]